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Juniper Moon

Art Teacher


I've looked forward to Commons opening and I'm so excited to be a part of it!

Juniper Moon
My Story

I'm an artist and educator who has been working with kids for over 13 years! I have a degree in Art Education, and Ceramics and I minored in painting. I Love making art with people! It's so gratifying to break down barriers we build in ourselves around creativity, to know that anyone can enjoy making art just for the sake of it. I believe strongly in Process Art, the idea that the act of creating and exploring art supplies is more important than focusing on exactly what a finished product will be, especially for young ones and people just learning to be creative. Art is a means to connect, heal, let go, have fun, learn, and communicate.

What Brings Me Joy

I love spending time with my partner and giant dog, hiking, making art, and being around friends. I love a good book or comic, and I love to sing, even if I'm not good at it! I love spending time with children and families, and I love facilitating creating.

What I'm Good At

I'm good at cooking, laughing, making being awkward a little charming, and I'd like to think I'm good at several art mediums!

What the World Needs

Wow the world needs so much right now. It needs joy, that healing space within joy is what will let us carry on through tough times. It needs to learn to treat children better, to help them understand and process their feelings and experiences in a healthy way, to facilitate learning in a way that is accessible and equitable, that is more than white washed patriarchal memorization. It needs to heal environmentally, and socially. I could go on.

Why Commons?

I agree with Commons' views on education, how to treat and teach children, and they are on the same page as me about how I'd like to hold the art room. I've looked forward to Commons opening for a couple years and I'm so excited to be a part of it!

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