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Our Mission & Vision

All Together Different.

Our Mission

Buffalo Commons is an academically rigorous, creative, and collaborative K-8 learning community that uses research-based teaching practices and innovative programming to eliminate the opportunity gap and to prepare a diverse student body for successful lives that strengthen their communities.


Who Will Our Students Become?

BCCS students come from a wide variety of backgrounds, but as graduates, they’ll have some important things in common…


Teachers use timeless and relevant techniques to support students learning, leverage core content, make meaning critically, and use their skills to creatively solve complex real-world problems.


BCCS students develop strong personal value systems by uncovering what matters most to them, learning to live in a community with others, and learning to navigate differences in values.


BCCS students develop a sense of purpose by understanding their personal identity, embracing their strengths, discovering their interests, and matching those things to what our world needs.


Our students are being prepared for the 21st century by learning to practice cultural humility, developing inclusive relationships, and becoming advocates for diversity, equity, and inclusion.

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