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Ellen Morenzi

Director of School Community



How we honor families in developing policies and systems, is a dream come true!

Ellen Morenzi
My Story

I grew up in a small town in the Southern Tier of New York State, born into a loving and supportive family of my mom, my dad and my two older brothers. As a child, I was curious about people, the world around me, and how I cold be of service to others. Those curiosities took me from dreams of being a veterinarian and a teacher, to a journalist in college and social work. My experience as a social worker ingrained in me a belief that we are all connected through our shared humanity, and that integrated spaces (like schools) are the path forward.

In addition to the influence social work has had on my life, my experience as a mother to three young children greatly informs my desire to create a school that honors the love and commitment caregivers pour into their children.

What Brings Me Joy

I love people, and learning about what makes each of them unique. I love problem solving, especially when it’s in collaboration with others. My three young children are my greatest joy, and I love watching them learn and grow as they navigate the world. When I have a bit of free time, I love exercising, reading, meditating, connecting with family and friends, and listening to music.

What I'm Good At

I am good at listening, building authentic relationships with a diverse range of people, and taking what I know about individuals to solve problems and create environments to meet the needs of many.

What the World Needs

I think one of the most important things the world needs is schools where children can fully discover themselves, free from messages we receive from the world around us. Sometimes we choose from the messages around us because they feel good and true for us, but we should always have the freedom to choose who we are and what’s important to us. The ways we are complex is what makes us unique and beautiful.

Why Commons?

Buffalo Commons brings together all of my passions: people, relationships, education and the opportunity to create something I am proud of as a social worker, a school leader, and a parent. Getting to build a school that is not only academically excellent, but also brings that excellence to its school and staff culture, and how we honor parent and family experiences in developing policies and systems, is a dream come true!

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