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Danny Brink-Washington

Executive Director



It's the kind of school I wish I'd gone to, and the kind of school I want for my children.

Danny Brink-Washington
My Story

Like most of us, I grew up in a lovably imperfect family. As a child I had an insatiable curiosity - I wanted to understand how everything worked, and how to build all sorts of things, whether it was a new Lego tower, a strong soccer team, or a nurturing friendship. As a mixed race kid with wide ranging experiences within my own family, I was also naturally interested in understanding the different perspectives that people had on the world.

Fast forward many years, and I feel so fortunate to have realized that my life’s purpose is to use leadership, empathy, and creativity to build diverse and collaborative learning communities that empower, inspire, and motivate people to live their lives to their fullest potential, and identify the authentic ways they will, in turn, impact others.

What Brings Me Joy

I still love understanding how things work, how to build cool things (like a school), and how people think about the world around them. I find joy in helping others discover what they love and who they want to become.

When I'm not at Commons I love spending time with my family - my partner, Rachel, and our two children. We enjoy going on hikes, playing sports and games, doing puzzles, and reading funny books. When I get some alone time I love cooking and woodworking.

What I'm Good At

I'm good at coming up with lots of ideas. I also excel at finding connections between those ideas that sometimes go unnoticed. The other thing I'm probably best at is building strong relationships with the people around me.

What the World Needs

Our world needs really good schools for every kid. We need schools where students can come together across lines of difference and solve problems together while discovering their own individual sense of purpose. In schools like this, students get the skills and mindsets that they need to live successful and fulfilling lives that increase the common good.

Why Commons?

Buffalo Commons is a learning community that meets the moment we're living in. Commons offers an experience where students can experience the active diversity of our wonderful city, come together across lines of difference to engage in a curriculum of learning experiences that matter because they bring the community into the classroom, and where every student comes to understand that they have a unique set of abilities and perspectives that the world can benefit from. It's the kind of school I wish I'd gone to, and the kind of school I want for my own children.

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