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Common Threads Book Series

Common Threads unites our love of literacy, devotion to all people's stories, and a commitment to community-based work.
What is Common Threads?

Common Threads is a series co-curated with Meg Howe, the owner of Alice, Ever After Bookstore - Buffalo's only bookstore completely devoted to children's literature. We work together with Meg to highlight a Book of the Month for our school community.

The books in the series feature a wonderful cast of diverse characters, are a pleasure to read with the entire family, and are linked directly to our core values of respect, integrity, curiosity, and hard work.


You’ll be able to come back to this page each month to check out our monthly selections and get access to a school discount through our website. Additionally, families who enroll for kindergarten or first grade at Commons will receive a selection of books from this wonderful series that we are creating with Meg as part of their initial enrollment package. Happy reading!

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