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There is no secret sauce, there is no magic bullet…

There are only sound techniques, creative, talented, and knowledgeable people, and hard work.

Community Studies

Working with a nationally recgonized consultant, Roots Connected, the curriculum for Community Studies, our name for social studies, is very near and dear to us as we are writing the curriculum ourselves.

Kids Playing Treasure Hunt


At Buffalo Commons we call science Innovations, because while student definitely learn a lot of background knowledge and scientific methodology, our courses center on learning by doing, exciting student’s curiousity, and creatively solving problems.

Biology Class
Kids in Preschool


Our math curriculum is from Bridges. Math, like ELA, also emphasizes development of individual skills, the chance to work in partners and small groups, and connecting studies to real world applications.

Kids Reading Outdoor


In ELA our foundational curriculum is from EL education - formerly expeditionary learning. This curriculum does a great job of providing really interesting, relevant curriculum, time to develop core foundational skills, and the opportunity to use those skills in projects at the end of each unit.

Community Meeting

Community meeting provides bookends to the day that remind us that we all share a common purpose—to figure out who we are and what we can do for the world, to find our own version of success, and to learn from one another while we’re at it.

Friendly Circle


Buffalo Commons offers arts education in dance, music, and the visual arts as well as a physical education program.

Young Painter
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